About Don't Tell Momma's

Don't Tell Mommas Tattoos was established in 1996 and has been serving the Kingston and surrounding areas ever since. We strive to bring our clients a clean and friendly atmosphere and to provide top quality work to each and every client . We specialize in freehand and custom work and really enjoy working with you in order to get you the tattoo your looking for!

Artist Bios:

Rob Smirle has been tattoing since the beginning of time. Back then, there were no tattoo machines so Rob would use a mallet and a chisel to tattoo a body. He prefers the new tattoo guns, saying "They're lighter and much easier to use. The best part about them is that people don't scream nearly as much!"

Rob excels at tattooing freehand, and has been the successful owner of Don't Tell Momma's since 1996.

Chris Brown is a talented artist who has not written his bio yet.

Connor Norris is another artist who hasn't written his bio